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We are one, in God, in Jesus, and in our faith.
We are calling all pastors, church leaders and staff,
to receive free education and training
to better serve God and the community.

What We Offer

Our theological seminary offers a comprehensive course on the entirety of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. We explore and explain the basics of the scriptures to the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus expressed in figurative language. Our goal and mission is for all believers, especially the leaders within the family of Christ can be united in one heart and mind with God and His word.

This course is free of cost, but we do ask that those who enroll are willing to put forth as much effort and time as the staff who assist the course do. The schedule to begin studying is flexible, so please reach out if you are interested to hear more.

Pastor Usnei, Canada

"I am very excited to learn more about the Revelation of the fulfillment, the open word of God. I want to be able to grow in the word. I've learned so many good things that helped me to uproot many weeds from my past life. I want to become a better instrument to help my congregation grow in the word. There are so many things we need to know."

Pastor (Insert), NY

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Pastor (Insert), Brazil

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Our Works

Many pastors, church leaders, and believers have come to study with us. Transcending race, denominations, language, and other social boundaries, we are opening the scripture and uniting through the word of God. Upon completion of the course they have also participated in our yearly graduations.

In 2019, we held a graduation of 103,764 graduates. In 2020 and 2021, despite the difficulties presented during the global pandemic, there were around 20,000 graduates each year. In 2022, we held the largest graduation of any theological seminary worldwide with 106,186 graduates.
In addition to our comprehensive Bible courses, we have also paved the way with various community and volunteer works. In 2022, in thanks to our youth volunteers we set a new Guinness World Record for the most blood donation registrations in 24 hours. The final number of registrants was 71,121 individuals, which is seven times the original record.

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