Zion Christian Mission Center


We are a theological seminary, established according to the promises of the Bible, that teaches solely from the Bible. A free theological seminary (Rv 22:17), that has over 600 locations established across the world. In 2019, with 103,764 students in participation, the Zion Christian Mission Center hosted the single largest graduation ceremony to be held by any theological seminary worldwide.


Our Program Offers:

  • Intensive Biblical studies at the elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels.

  • Duration of Study: 1 year

  • Cost of Study: Free

Content of the Study:

  • Explanation of Genesis to Revelation 
    (Without the use of commentaries)

  • Essential topics for a believer at the time of the second coming. (e.g. tree of life, mark of the beast, etc.)

  • Logical and clear explanation of the book of Revelation according to God's will.

Filling Out a Form

Step 1: Apply 

Apply to our program and our staff will reach out to schedule an interview.

Job Interview

Step 2: Interview 

During the interview, an evangelist will work with you to see if our theological seminary program is right for you. We’ll discuss the requirements and confirm your seminary schedule.

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Step 3: Start

After receiving your acceptance via email, you’re ready to start. Download Zoom, a free video conferencing program, onto your device and join.



Thanks for submitting! A representative will be in touch with you shortly!


While you wait,

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Explore some of our teachings or feel free to reach out with any questions through the chat system!